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There was a woman; we can call her erica as it’s a simple name. It was friday, erica had worn her most work safe fuck me boots to her office, but it wasn’t really her shoes … a day like this, it was herself dripping sex from every pour. She thought about if she should take her healthy appetite for sex to the town’s meat market, or if she should seduce the boyfriend of her eighteen year old daughter. Young men had potentially enough to cum both in her pussy and on her face - sometimes that was important. However it really wasn’t a question, she couldn’t be that kind of bad mother.

Let’s fast-forward the day and go direct to the night. At the bar erica was immediately reminded of why she was a firm believer in ‘lust at first sight’. The cute guy for the night had a cowboy hat on his head. She started with asking if she could borrow the hat. With his hat on her head they went on to chatting over a few drinks. He said he liked cats, and that was good in her book. She had red wine, which after three quarters of an hour led her to the simple but effective line – ‘i shouldn’t have had all that red wine. Red wine makes me so horny.’ it was true, red wine made her randy.

The scene reminded him of something from an erotic fantasy. He didn’t know exactly what she wanted, in fact he almost thought he had blown it when he nervously (under the influence of alcohol and in the intoxicated presence of a big breasted and apparently hormone loaded, brunette woman like erica) - tried to make a joke …

“we can go to the toilet?” He laughed. Guess what, she didn’t look like it was a joke and she answered, “the ladies room”. This wasn’t her style, but he really was cute, and she wanted some.

So off they went … he was surprised, she was confident. Luckily they found an empty toilet. Thanks to urinals, the men’s room was often less crowded, but she felt safer in here in the girl’s room. “you know that we’re going to block this toilet from some shit-faced, cheap chicks, which after drinking too much beer, desperately need to pee …” she said, but with a lower voice she added … “from their vagina!”

“but you are not here to pee from your vagina” he said, and gently kissed her on the mouth, and at the same time he pressed his hips hard against her, to let her feel his fully erect cock.

They tried hard but this wasn’t the perfect location for sex. He found a sensitive nerve on her neck and she unbuttoned her blouse to let him enjoy her boobs. Her nipples were pierced. One biker she had dated thought breasts looked naked without it. ‘isn’t naked good?’ she had said to the biker, however she too found it sexy and went for it.

Anyway, back to the toilet … one of his hands squished her nice, round ass through the fabric in her skirt. The other one explored the inside of her tights, where he felt her surprisingly thick vagina secretions flowing down, just the way he liked it. He realized she didn’t have any panties under her shirt, just the way he liked it. Hesitating, his finger found its way into her, “oh you’re so wet and tight, he whispered”

“not the finger” she moaned back, “come on big boy” again he hesitated, did she mean what he thought she meant? Apparently she did, since she bent over, turned her head against him and with a voice filled with horniness asked the question, “do you have anything else to shovel inside my pussy?” Of course he didn’t have to be asked twice. But she must have noted his hesitation because then he was halfway in and she somehow grabbed his right hand and led it to her clit, which he obediently started to massage.
Then they changed position, she sat against the wall with legs embracing male hips, as he bumped her hard. A position that left him in total control … she couldn’t, like she had before, bump back.

Immediately after entering she came … not the best orgasm in her life, but enough for her to bite on his shoulder to keep her from screaming. Many women shouldn’t be able to come at all during that similar condition, but erica could. Of course she could go longer, however she felt he was going to cum too, inside her. He reacted in the familiar way men do before they cum. During the last intensive pushes she roused him, ‘faster, faster … is my cunt tight enough for you?’ while she stared into his eyes to deduce the pleasure she gave him. Her filthy talk sent him over the edge.

“oh i needed that! Your cock was so hard” she whispered into his ear. Then she smiled. Laughing, and with a voice just loud enough for any outside eavesdropper to hear she said, ‘you know sometimes a woman needs to do things like this, to prove that not all sex stories on the internet are fake’
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