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Hi, My name is Rahul but I have to thank indiansexstories for what happened to me recently. Well this happened when my Aunt came to visit. My parents are abroad, and I am doing my Catering. My dad called up to tell me that his elder brother's wife would be coming to visit and would stay at our place for a month or so as she had some work to be done. I'd last seen her about 2 years ago - a very plump/stout woman 48years.

When she arrived I was stunned to see a woman who had shed most of her fat, and though she was still large, she was now well-figured, 36C-30-38 A couple of days after she arrived, I woke up and came into the workroom, and found the computer open to your website.. It was an experience of a guy with his aunt. I read part of it finding it very arousing, then quietly went back to my bedroom.

A little later, my Aunt called out to me asking if I would like Coffee and I said "Yes". She told me that she would bring it to me. When she entered my room, she was wearing a thin cotton nightie, and it was obvious that she was bra-less. I was sitting up in bed and she handed me a cup and sat on the bed next to me saying "Did you like what you read? I know you might feel embarrassed, but I read experiences from indiansexstories everyday. What you read about the Aunt episode is possible, especially if it is with an aunt who is not related to you by blood, just like you and me" I was wearing just my shorts and her closeness to me was adding to the arousal I had when reading the experience.

I told her "Aunt May, you are my Dad's brother's wife" She said "what did you think when you saw me?" I told her that my mind was blown and my first thoughts were "Wowee, this aunt of mine is really sensual" Her hand started rubbing my chest, and I placed my hand across her thighs, realising that she had no panties on also. She took my cup from me and placing on the bedside table, leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth. My hand slipped up to her breasts cupping one, then the other. Her hand went into my shorts, taking hold of my semi-erect cock.

We remained like that for about five minutes, then broke our embrace. She stood up and lifted her nightie over her head, and I removed my shorts. She was beautiful to look at, her breasts with dark brown large areola topped with light brown erect nipples. She came and lay down next to me, telling me "Take it easy, let us enjoy the moment" I took her in my arms, enfolding her, and her hands were in my hair, on my back and then between my legs. I had grown erect, and she pushed me down on my back, then sat astride me. I inserted my erect cock into her warm cunt, sliding in easily. Her hands were now on my shoulder, her head thrown back as she moved her vagina against my pelvis.

Her breasts were dangling in front of my face and I raised my head and started sucking on her already erect and hard nipples. Her eyes were closed, and soft "Ooooh, aaaah, yesssss, myyyyyyyy, yesssss" was emitting from her. I was groaning with the pleasure that I was experiencing. I had had sex before but this was something different. She told me "Suck harder on my nipples, squeeze both my breasts together and take both nipples in your mouth, bite them lightly" I did so, and her moans increased, while the feeling on my cock became wet with her juices. I felt my self coming and told her so. She said "I too am coming hold on for just a minute" I managed to do so, and then we both came together.

I exploded into her while at the same time she did too, collapsing on top of me, both of us holding each other tight, as we reached our climax. As the tension eased out of our bodies, we started kissing and mauling each others bodies. till we were completely at ease., then she lifted herself off me and we lay sideways, our arms around each other.

She asked me "Are you happy, I am. And this will be our secret" I said "I am happy and glad that this happened. I never expected it to, but, yes. this will remain our secret. I am now looking forward to the rest of your stay here. I know it is going to be wonderful for me" She said "For me too" What happened over the next month, I will send in my parts.

Till then, if there are any Aunts out there who would like to exchange their experiences with me, I will look forward to the same,and will allow the privacy as i respect there values and conditions and as I now know that Aunts can be very very sexy, sensual and wonderful. Mail me at


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