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Dear friends this is my true story that I am going to tell you. I am a married man of 40 yrs. Of age. My wife is good in bed, I am satisfied with her but I want the different taste also. Now I come to the story.

One day I went to my some relatives home in the same city. She is my bhabhi (door ki ristedar), bhaiya is posted at some other place. He comes once in a month. That time no one was there at her home except her. By chance I had my CD box with me that time, having one Blue Films CD. I was sitting in drawing room and was looking at her CD player, she asked me do you want to see any movie. I told yes, I have one CD with me, can you play this. She asked what type of CD is this. I told nothing, then she took that CD and inserted in CD player, after switching on the TV and VCD she went to kitchen to bring tea for me. I was watching the film. She came back in drawing room and gave me tea and sat on a chair near me. I finished the tea and came to her. I took her hand in my hand and asked her to sit with me and watch the movie.

She told no this is not good, I said what is wrong in it please sit with me I will do nothing. Then she came near me and sat near to me. I started touching her hands then moved my hands on her back on thighs and pressed her boobs then she angrily told me that you are crossing your limits, I felt sorry. Then I told her to come to bed, she came on bed and I started licking her fingers. And started massaging her thighs also and kissed on her face. Now she also started cooperating. I was wishpering in her ear Bhabhi you are so good looking I like you from the day one I saw you etc. etc. . I unzipped my pant and took out my tool and placed her hand on it. She started playing with it. That time I was rubbing her cunt lips.

Then she told that her child may come back at any time. This was indication that now she is ready, whatever you want to do, do earliest. Then I pulled her sari and placed my dick on her pussy lips and inserted my large tool inside she moaned heavily. I started fucking her hard, she was enjoying and moaning heavily and telling me to fuck hard. I fucked her very hard as I am a experianced man of this game. At last we reached to the climax and I came inside her, then she went to bathroom to clean herself. And came back with a sweet smile on her face, after some time I left her place, kissing her again.

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