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I have thought for a long time to pen my real life stories into this site, so that you can enjoy reading it or may be more than that and there have been lots of stories in this site, which are true, but some of them are just pure fantasies but anyway one should enjoy it. I also skip the introduction while reading stories, so straight to life. I am Rahul 24 years and working in Delhi and belong to Kerala. 

I am narrating my first incident of my sex life and I was 22 then, when I got my job in Delhi. A new city, first time out of haryana, everything worried me. The only assurance was that my uncle and aunt were there. To my relief, they were at the railway station to receive me and took me to their house. It was a feeling at home away from home. My uncle’s daughter (Meera) in her 12th Std was delighted to see me too.

I had my accommodation arranged by the company, so after initial pleasantries, I pushed to my accommodation which was full of bachelors like me from different areas. Every week, I used to visit uncle’s house and stayed there on Saturdays and Sundays. I become a member of their family and not an outsider on the other hand in the bachelor quarters and there was full of sex stories, blue films etc. So my mind was a mixture of all these things. 

I don’t know from where the twist in mind took place. I felt Meera as my companion and I used to share all incidents with her and she the vice versa. It was like that I work all 5 days and waited for the Saturdays to come, so that I can meet her. It was a transformation period from sisterly love to real love. The touch, feel everything had its own account in my life. She was in my heart and one year passed and she joined the college and it was.

I got time to spend with her and I got into her college to meet her, waited for her leisure period to meet her and it was wonderful are you getting bored? It is life so little boring is ok. The things turn upside down, when my aunt was admitted in hospital. I was there for their help and running up and down. One day I came to uncle’s home and found that Meera was alone wearing a T shirt and skirt cooking food for hospital which I have to take it to hospital for uncle and aunt. 

There was ample time for it. So after her work she came to me and sat with me. I hold her hand and with her back towards me she sat between my legs and my hands enveloping her through her waist. It was pure love and placed a kiss on her shoulders and she liked it. My hands massaged her shoulders. I felt a tingling sensation in my groin. My hands slightly moved up and felt her breast above her t-shirt. It was soft, she was enjoying my touch, and the fire in my body was ignited.

I massaged both of her boobs. I was feeling guilty and I was not intended to stop too. Slowly I placed a kiss on her cheek and asked a kiss from her which she placed on my cheek. The first kiss and we lay down on the floor in embrace, my rod was upright. I enveloped her face with kisses and placed one in her lips too, how soft it was. The lip kiss, only saw on blue films were real now and we drank each other’s saliva. 

I don’t want to hurry up, as she was still my love. I asked her whether I can see her breasts and she told ok, with slight hesitation. She stood up and removed her T shirt and I saw a wonderful sight of her breasts beautifully fitted in her bra. That site never moved from brain afterwards too. It was a tight embrace with her skin touching mine as one of my friends say skin to skin, No sin. 

I asked her can I see the breast too. She said no, that is sin, we are not supposed to. I requested her and she accepted my request with one condition, only one time. She removed her bra and how I can describe, two fair boobs with slight pinkish nipples throbbing out. I embraced her and place a kiss on the nipple, she like it but was saying no. I lost my controls, next moment I was sucking it, one by one and she was enjoying.

I was not satisfied with sucking, but placed a French kiss on her. I was in her pants and she was in skirt only and our upper bodies were bare touching each other. Now as the fire engulfed me, I want to see her naked fully, I repeated my request, which she accepted and she lifted her skirt and I saw her white thighs shining and her pink panty wet in the middle. I was kissing her thighs and her panty. She smilingly told me to stop and removed it. 

My eyes were wide open as I don’t want to lose any sight of it and her pelvic area surrounded with hairs and her vagina hidden. My hands ran over her hairs and split it open telling her to sit in the sofa nearby, which she obeyed. I lifted her legs up and spread it, to have a full view of the area and I knelt in front of her and put the tongue inside the crack and searched for her clit. 

What a taste and I placed my both hands on her bottoms and my fingers were searching her hole behind. The juices which flown down from her vagina lubricated her hole behind. My fingers went in; I took the fingers out and smelt it. My cock already 8” ached inside my pants and slowly I stood up, her eyes were partially closed and the skirt which was fully up which was obstructing my view of her boobs.

I made her to stand up and removed the last piece of her clothing and a goddess in front of me, now I could realize how artists draw pictures of such beauties. I asked her whether you have seen any cocks, to my reply she said only the small children’s and I asked her like to see mine and smiling she nodded. I removed my pants and briefs and embraced her. She took my rod in her hands and rubbed with her eyes watching every point of it and touched the balls which were tight. 

I asked her to take the rod into her mouth which she did and licked like choco bar. I was entering the final phase, I told her to stop. We lay down and took the position 69. I took my mouth inside her cunt and my hands resting on her ass cheeks and fingers deep inside her rear hole. She was sucking my rod with vigour. I know the fire has engulfed both of us. 

I was about to spit out my juices, while she came with a moan. She could not take the whole juices as it was too much. We lay there for some time with lips locked. We got up after sometime, washed the groin area and face, she washed mine and I washed hers and while washing, my cock started emerging, but as there was no time, we kept for the next time. 

I hope you enjoyed one of my life experiences it was my effort to make you horny. If you like this story and want to read more please send your feedback and girl female married women unsatisfied aunties 20-50 can send their friendship my email id.


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