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I was fortunate enough to have 3 cousins all are older than me. I was the only son of theirs uncle as I was staying with my parents in our ancestral house in a village we did not meet much, because they were living in the city on summer vacations they used to come to our house and I would also go and stay with them in the city.

My 3 cousins Seema, Rekha, Vrinda were extremely hot girls but I never noticed this and they used to tease boys in front of me and even share sex jokes and stories among them using secret language and they thought as I was from the village that and I will never understand but I used to make out what they were really sharing and my dick would respond immediately when they start to tell those kind of stories.

And when I realized that I have no other options but look at their boobs and other parts when they were exposing I started to feel guilty and I tried not t0 spend too much time with them as I did earlier but they were very fond of me and would love to spend take me anywhere they were going and I here narrate an incident that changed my fortune when I was teens among those 3 Seema was my favourite and on a vacation time.

She was the only one in the house as the other two were staying at hostel because of their exams on that day she asked me who do I like most among them and I told her the truth from that day onwards we became very close. We usually slept in the same bed but on that particular vacation time I demanded I need a separate room and bed and but there was not enough space for that. So we decided to continue what we were doing in the past.

During night I used to fell asleep by 10 O’clock but Seema would spend some more time for reading and would usually come to bed after I fell asleep on one night I woke up from my sleep because of something and I felt thirsty. I looked around for Seema to ask her to give me some water. But she was not there in the room. So I came back to bed but I was asleep.

And from the sound coming out of the bathroom I understood that she was taking a bath and decided to stay awake and ask her for some water when she came from the bathroom I turned to her. She was in front of the mirror I was about to ask her but I could not because of the shocking scene in front of my eyes. Seema was just wearing a towel and she changed to her night dress in front of me.

She was not wearing anything under my dick immediately rose up in the bed she was laying very close to me and by having her arms around me. I was shivering I thought that I would be caught for having a steady dick. I couldn’t sleep all night there was enough light in the room and my dirty mind wanted to have a look at the sexiest lady when I turned to her.

My Johnny still got better by the amazing sight. I could see the big melons smiling at me her marble like legs were calling me to spread them. I touched her boobs like it was an accident while sleeping unconsciously after sometimes she changed her position and this time could not resist giving him to feel the softness of her ass but as I did it several times he splashed!

After that every night and I pretend to be asleep but will have a look at the marvellous piece of creation and used to give my Johnny a reason to vomit out. This continued for some days and then the rest of the girls joined us for the weekend. We were having the naughtiest of times then at night we had a separate couch I chose to sleep in that but I will sleep only after satisfying the increased demands of my dick because by this time there was not one but three smoking hot pieces of ass.

One night after the routine I really fell asleep. I had regained half of my consciousness as I felt something happens to me but because I was very tired and I could not open my eyes. Yes! I now know what happening to me. My dick is been raise and somebody is giving me a soft hand job! I could hear some whispering here it goes Seema you are right this is really huge.

I cannot believe it could grow this bigger oooh girls and I want to give him a kiss and then. I almost regained my consciousness and came to know that my horny cousins are out there and they are handling my little Johnny. I did not know what to do so I kept pretending that I was still asleep but not for long as my little boy cum again. 

I somehow able to not to stood up from my couch they were really happy and went back to their bed without making any noise. The next day, Vrinda asked me if I had any nightmares yesterday. I replied that yes I had one but it was a good one. She smiled as if she knew something on the second night I knew that the same would happen and so I took extra cautions when they approached me for that and thinking that I was asleep.

I woke up and asked if I could help them and they told me they were going to the toilet and was just looking whether I was asleep or not. Seema was laughing and others forced her to stop that and the next day both of them went back to college for my relief on that night, before we were going to bed Seema told me that my other cousins are really naughty and I should not believe them blindly.

I asked her why she made such a statement but she refused to disclose after I compelled her to the core she broke the secret and confessed me about what happened on that night. Here is the story as it happened when they arrived they smelt that something was going on there and they teased her by saying that she is sleeping with me and making the most of their absence.

At first she denied everything but they knew her habit of sleeping without inners on that point she confessed that she is doing the same now and upon their inquest she revealed that my dick used to touch her ass and my hands to her boobs. So they asked again and she revealed that one night she looked for my dick and found out that it was huge. So on that night they planned to see how big it is but after they took it out of my shorts Vrinda

I started to press it while Rekha started to describe the qualities of a big dick and they went on till they reached the climax and they were frightened that I may woke up but I did not knew anything, she said. I gave her a naughty look and smiled. I told her that it was not accidents that my dick touches her body while sleeping in reply she smiled and commented.

I knew and that was a big relief for me and we both waited for that night. By the time she came out of the bathroom I was there in front of the mirror. She changed her clothes in front of my naked eyes and we had a good time that night at first I was very greed to take her clothes off and to kiss all over her body but she told me not to be over excited and she taught me how to satisfy a woman.

I started from her lips, pure red it was. We kissed for about 5 minutes in between I made her melons harder. She put her hands inside my shorts and made my little boy stronger then I had to kiss and cup those melons. She then let my fingers to reach for her wet pussy and showed me where her clit is is and asked me to suck those by this time she had squeezes out milk from my boy but he was ready again for the big battle. I desperately wanted to fuck her with my little boy.

She told me that it is not safe doing that without protection so she agreed to give me a blowjob. It was awesome as she made me cum inside her mouth after all this is done we both were very tired and fell asleep in the morning and I woke up first and found out that we both were naked. My bomber man was hard on seeing the beautiful woman naked and I searched for the hole. She woke up by then and promised me to explore her hole shortly. This was how I was able to experience the pleasure of fucking a woman which made me do unbelievable things to get that ultimate goal.


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