Strange Party Part I

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Hi, my name is Mina and this is my first attempt at writing erotica. Let me know if you like it or not. This is just the first part, there is more to come.  You can mail me at

On the way back from the work, I could barely contain my excitement. In contrast with the otherwise boring life I lead, the past week had been pleasantly amusing everything seemed so surreal that

I wondered if it was all a dream, but I was very happy with the turn of events, wouldn't change a thing. It started on Saturday. I was at a friend's housewarming party, sitting right in the middle of all the chaos, loud music

And drunk, happy people determined to dance the mundanities of their lives off in this small, dimly-lit room.  The only person I knew was the friend hosting this party and she was nowhere to be seen.

I was starting to question why I even decided to be here in the first place. I didn't drink, so I had to make-do with cola. There was virtually nothing to eat and from the looks of it, the party looked like disguise for a fuck-fest for drunk people.

I come from a conservative family, if they knew I was in such a place they would be very angry and yet, here I was next to a drunk "couple", might even have been strangers, I'm not sure. The girl was straddling the guy who had his shirt open.

Her long, loose hair covered most of their faces so I couldn't make out much but it looked like they were making out. His hands held her waist at first but now they were slowly making their way to her ass, circling the curve of the butt

And going back up again to caress the naked flesh displayed by her tight, back-less dress. The guy broke the kiss and said something to her in her ear the girl quietly nodded.

I could not hear anything but I soon understood what he might have been saying they started kissing her again but this time it was wilder and more intense. He held her head between his hands and shoved his tongue in her mouth.

Then he pulled her by her hair and she seemed a bit surprised, he looked into her eyes and mouthed something to her. She didn't react but the surprise vanished from her face and again, holding her by her hair he brought her face to his mouth and they started kissing again.

 He let go of her hair and his hands headed back to her ass. They passed over her butt and moved a bit lower. They lingered over her thighs just for a couple of seconds before he held the edge of her dress between his thumb and forefinger, on both sides, and expertly lifted it over her ass.

I could clearly see her ass crack now and the thin string that passed through it. It was so unexpected that I gulped down my cola at one go and it hurt my throat. I quickly shifted my gaze back to the rest of the room ooh my God! I thought what the hell

I thought of leaving and giving them the little privacy I could but before I did, I became aware of wetness I felt between my thighs. I could feel my pussy tingle and I was feeling awkward, I was alone at this stupid party and now, I was horny.

I hadn't paid much attention to his body before but now I could not help but notice it. He was lean, not too muscular, just lean short, dark hair and stubble that gave his rough features an added effect.

He seemed to be taller than average and he was very attractive, on the whole. I didn't directly want to look at them, but it didn't seem like they cared if someone was watching them and they were not the only ones

Most of the people were making out some were dancing, their bodies meshing against one another's. I didn't want to offend them or make them stop and I had started enjoying the show.

I decided to change my position and I slightly moved away from them, and rested my back against the arm-rest of the couch, so I was sitting not exactly horizontal to them but more diagonal, and I had a better view and a more comfortable position.

The guy was now caressing her bare butt. The girl had her arms wrapped around his neck and had arched her back. Her tits were pressing against his bare chest and her butt was thrust into his palms.

Her head was slightly tilted to one side and her dark hair fell over them again, but this time it was the side opposite to mine so I could see more clearly.

They had their eyes closed, the guy was squeezing her butt. He broke the kiss again and looked into her eyes and before she could say or do something he slapped her ass with one hand while his other hand still rested on her other ass cheek.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head backwards and he spanked her again, and again and again. She arched her back more, thrusting her butt outward. He held her by her head and pulled her closer and shoved his tongue in her mouth

She kissed him back wilder their tongues, their mouths were all over their faces, her cheeks glistened with the wetness that their saliva had created. His hands were now moving over her neck onto her collar bones. He broke the kiss again

And moved his mouth to her ear, he licked it, bit it and then moved his tongue down over her neck and kissed her bare shoulders. His hands were now already over her breasts, and he was kneading them very gently. That made her very horny and she started moving her hips in circles over

His crotch with one hand he kept squeezing one of her boobs and moved the other hand back to her ass. She was now nibbling at his ear, saying things to him.

I was so hot but there was nothing I could really do. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I was helpless. I knew my panties were already wet.

I could feel the wetness between my pussy-lips. My crotch was hot, wet and steaming. My nipples were hard, I could feel them against the fabric of my bra. I folded one hand over my waist and gently felt the tip of one of my nipples with the thumb.

That one little touch sent tremors down my spine. She continued grinding him. She was moving so gently that unless someone paid close attention to them in that nearly dark room, nobody could make out what was happening.

His hand was now moving between her ass cheeks with his other hand he was massaging one of her tits and she had her eyes closed. He moved the string of her thong aside and shoved a finger inside her hole.

The girl jumped up a little, probably startled. She looked at him and he grinned. Then, he took that finger and brought it to her mouth. She smiled and licked it for him.

He shoved it back into her ass, harder, deeper. She closed her eyes and pulled at his hair. Then, in a fraction of a second, he turned his head to face me and I froze.

I didn't know what to do, where to look, how to react. I felt my cheeks turning red. He saw that and grinned and turned turn back to the girl and started kissing her again. He knew I was watching them and he liked it.  I didn't move

I didn't look away, I didn't want to and for many moments my mind couldn't comprehend this reality and when it finally did, I also knew I wanted his dick in my cunt then and there.


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