My First Sex At 18 Years Age

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I was 18 when this occurred. We had few buffaloes and a cow. Used to do milk business. I was also going to school. We used to cut green grass from a farm. The owner of the farm Mallesh and his wife Mallamma. Our families used to be very close. I used to call Mallesh mama and Mallamma Attha. (Uncle and Aunt).

One after noon I went to their house. The door was closed and I heard attah;s moaning sound. I peeped through a small gap in the door. Mama and Attha were naked. Uncle was ferociously inserting an iron rod like thing between attha&thighs. Attha was enjoying. I never knew Mama had such a big tool and pumping between attha&thighs. Then Mama&rod suddenly released some white fluid. Both of them lying in the cot side by side hugging. Then Mama told attha , I would like to fuck viji (its me). Attha scolded him for such a thought. But finally told Mama, I will try to bring her here this night.

I went home silently. On reaching home I felt wet between my things and nipples with tinkling feeling.

In the evening around 7 attha came to mom. After chit chatting for few minutes, told mom mallesh is away this night and want me to be with her. Mom told she will send me after dinner. Attha told let viji have her dinner in their house. Mom called me and asked me to go with attha. I went along with attha with a fear of some thing is going to happen. On reaching home, I found Mama was sitting on the cot. I looked surprised at Attha. She told me do not worry.

We both wanted you here this night. Then Mama told I will be back in an hour and went away. I asked attha why she told mama will not be there in the house. Then Attha started preparing Rotis and Chicken curry. She told me mama has gone to get some liquor. Mama is much eager to fuck you. I told what does that mean. Attha came near me and lifted my Langah and put her hand on my private part. She told Mama will be playing with this and also squeezed my boobs. I started weeping. Attha hugged me and told not to worry. I am with you.

Then mama came with some liquor and omelets. Attha put the liquor in 3 glasses and added water to 2. Mama never wanted water. Then Mama sat by my side and asked me to have some drink. I told I never took and do not want. Mama put his hand around my waist, pulled towards him and put the glass near my mouth and pushed the liquid in mouth. I felt burning in my stomach. Attha put some omelet and it was better. They added one more round of drink and after having it, every thing around me seemed to be rotating. I could barely feel mama&hand unhooking my blouse and removing it and also bra. Suddenly I felt my upper body was naked and mama was pressing my boobs. It was a nice feeling.

He started squeezing and sucking my boobs. I do not know when my cloths down the waist was removed by attha. I was enjoying the boobs sucking by mama closing my eyes. When opened my dyes everything was rolling around and mama and attha were also nude. Mama took my hand and put it on his rod like thing, I saw in the afternoon. It was very hard. Attha told that is mama&Modda (Dick) and he will insert it in your pooku (Pussy) and fuck. I was very scared. It was almost 10 inches long and bulky.

Mama made me lie on the cot and parted both my legs He bent forward and put his tongue into my private part. Started licking. It was splendid. Then he got up and made me sit on the cot. I was given one more drink. I lost total control. Then he put his tool near my lips and pressed my cheeks. My mouth opened and he put the tool in my mouth. Asked me to such. I followed his words and started sucking.

After some time he made me lie down on the cot, separated my legs, came on to me. He moved my legs to either side of my shoulders. It was little painful, because I was drunk I did not feel much. My both folded legs were touching his chest area. Then he started moving his dick from top to bottom on my pussy. It was very nice feeling and my pussy was very much wet. Then he told attha, now i will fuck her. Atah told just insert little and after viji is comfortable fuck her. Mama inserted around 2 inches and started moving in and out. I liked it.

After few minutes, I could feel the dick is entering around 4 inches.Mama doing this also was kissing my over my face. Then he whispered, now I will put the whole dick inside. Please bare. Saying this with a jerk he put the entire dick in my pussy. It was very much painful as if a red hot iron rod is inserted. I started weeping and attha was consoling me.

After ferocious fucking mama put lot of juices inside and became flat on me. He also pulled my legs straight. Hewas over me for 20 minuies licking my face. The dick was still in me. Attha was telling me you enjoyed the fuck. You put both your hands on the back of mama and pulling him into you. I felt shy and closed my face with my hands.

That night none of us had sleep and mama fucked me further two times.

Morning the cloth under me was found with blood stains. Attha told me Mama had broken your virginity and you are a woman now on wards.


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