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Hi friends this is male 25 from Nagpur. This is not an normal story like female male and their body interaction but it’s my first experience and a very funny one. I have been regular reader of iss and especially maid story make me high always. Getting inspiration from it i tried on multiple maids from nearby but never succeed. Then i have one more fantasy of chatting dirty with women and even with whom i don’t know and here was a girl name Sheetal (don’t need to mention that its changed) came in contact due to profession and the day of our first contact i got a message from her at night. It was a normal message but timing was not so i replied but with a very cozy words like dear and all like that and we started conversation and i was always flirty from the very next day and i had positive signal from her too. Then we had a gap in our conversation and i too didn’t minded. Then she messaged me one day and said that she got married to her boyfriend about whom she already told me. Then again we started chatting but i thought nothing will happen now but in one of our chat she said that she not happy sexually and then i again hinted an opportunity with her and we had what can be said sex chat and it was very horny and guys let me tell you i never had intention of getting laid with this girl because actually m very shy. Till writing this story I virgin and actually s and m not shame full of that nor am I proud of the same.

Ok back to story then she use to say arrange a place and we will have fun and all those stuff and i was always like yes m trying and all those things but one day i thought that this is the time to stop it and when she asked lets meet and i was up for it. Till now i have never met her so i didn’t told her about appearance.

It was 4 in the evening and i picked her from her office on my bike. She was not very tall say 5& black short hair and dusky color. I will not say that she was very bombshell but dusky color really suits her…. But we still don’t have any safe place. She told me that her husband went to Bangalore and i was like then why we need to worry but she refused and said that they have some function at the neighbor’s place so there will be many people (pissed off). Then i said that ok let’s try something in my car (sala pehele hi first time aur usame me itane nakhare). Then i took car and went to an outskirt but people Nagpur is very densely crowded so u can’t have a safe place in outskirt also (kisi ko pata hai to plese suggest!!!) but still i found on road which was not very busy and i stopped the car at road side and took her hand and held it and we were talking all bullshits and then i said u have gr8 skin and i kissed her hand and she blushed then i got some courage and asked her can i kiss you (i know this was stupid but don’t know i just asked). As expected the answer was no but with a smile then i said ok only on cheeks she said ok and i kissed her on cheek but it was a lust full kiss (gili wali kissi) and then i started kissing her.

She was not a good kisser but still i was feeling good and then i started kissing her on neck and guys kissing her on neck with her malgalrutra on was just driving me crazy and i was just out of control and suddenly horning a car came and we missed the link then she said lets go to my place and i was like awesome then we grabbed some food and went to her place and there was a function we had food at her place and then i started my moves but she was fearing that someone will come to call her and she will get caught so she was like no lets go but still we had some kisses and some boobs press and then we needed to move. It was 6 and month was Nov so it was dark outside so we went to civil lines . Nearly every city has civil lines which generally is a green area and parked road side and there was some traffic but no one bothered. So we started kissing and boobs press taking some pauses and then i put my hand in her paijama and untie the knot of paijama and started moving my finger in her pussy this was the first time i was touching a fucked up pussy it was clear that she was a regular fucker and then i said i want to suck hers, she said how and seriously my brain was like can’t even think about it.

I was just busy feeling my finger in her pussy then she only said that she will move to back seat and i said ok and she vent to back seat and i pushed driver seat on which i was seating completely back. And then i pulled her paijama and then her panty but she was more eager than me and as soon as i saw her pussy i was just so crazy and i just started licking and i was leaking like a mad dog as i love it and she was like do it more do it more and then i remember i need to put my finger in and i did and she was like going crazy and asking me to put my tongue in and i was like her slave and i did the same and i was just licking and licking like i don’t have any other interest and then she said she wants me in so she said come back and i just followed her order and i went back and she said fuck me and i said ok and i took out my tool and it was dark and she said just do it and this was the time maine pehela bomb phoda i said i m virgin and she was shocked said wtf, u said something else. I said i lied to you and that i m a virgin this was the time i was feeling so humiliated and i was full of feelings humiliated and nervous and she touched my penis and pushed the skin back and said yes you r virgin and was just very confused what to do and i said please i just want to do and she said ok and then she came on me and took my penis and started to guide it to her love hole and i was just starting to feell and enjoy the move and touch and the feeling and suddenly cops!!!!!!!!!!! Yes cops came on bike and i said m dead i m just dead but suddenly my reflexes i just pushed the girl aside and went to driver seat and started the car till this one cop was in front and was pointing at me and was saying not to run but i knew that if i drove he will not try to be a hero and will jump on bonnet, so i just started and just drove and drove very fast and in the mean while she just wore her cloths and came front…….

Guys i know this can be a boring but it’s a true story and i wanted to share it with you guys.


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